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This is the documentation page for Module:Namespace detect

This module allows you to output different text depending on the namespace that a given page is in. It is a Lua implementation of the {{namespace detect}} template, with a few improvements: all namespaces and all namespace aliases are supported, and namespace names are detected automatically for the local wiki.

Usage[সম্পাদনা কৰক]

{{#invoke: Namespace detect | main
| main              = <!-- text to return for the main namespace -->
| talk              = <!-- text to return for talk namespaces -->

<!-- text to return for specific subject namespaces -->
| portal            = 
| category          = 
| user 	            = 
| wikisource        = 
| ws                = 
| index             = 
| page	            = 
| mediawiki         = 
| author            = 
| translation       = 
| template          = 
| special           = 
| media             = 
| file              = 
| image             = 
| help 	            = 
| module            = 

| other             = <!-- text to return for unspecified namespaces -->
| demopage          = <!-- page to detect namespace for, if not the current page -->
| demospace         = <!-- namespace to display text for -->

| subjectns         = <!-- set to "yes" to treat talk pages as the corresponding subject page -->

Parameters[সম্পাদনা কৰক]

  • main - text to return if the page is in the main namespace.
  • talk - text to return if the page is in a talk namespace. This can be any talk namespace - it will match any of "Talk:", "Wikipedia talk:", "User talk:", etc.
  • Subject namespace parameters, e.g. wikipedia, user, file... - the text to return if the page is in the corresponding namespace. This module accepts all subject namespaces as parameters, including namespace aliases and virtual namespaces. See below for a list of supported values.
  • other - text to return if no parameters for the page's namespace were specified. This text is also returned if |demospace= is set to an invalid namespace value.
  • subjectns - if on a talk page, use the corresponding subject page. Can be set with values of "yes", "y", "true" or "1".
  • demopage - specifies a page to detect the namespace of. If not specified, and if the |demospace= parameter is not set, then the module uses the current page.
  • demospace - force the module to behave as if the page was in the specified namespace. Often used for demonstrations.

Namespace parameters[সম্পাদনা কৰক]

Possible values for subject namespace parameters are as follows:

Namespace Aliases
সদস্য user, सदस्य
ৱিকিউৎস project, wikisource
চিত্ৰ file, image, चित्र, চিত্র
মিডিয়াৱিকি mediawiki, মেডিয়াৱিকি
সাঁচ template, साँचा
সহায় help
শ্ৰেণী category, श्रेणी, শ্রেণী
লেখক author, লিখক
পৃষ্ঠা page
সূচী index
gadget definition

Table function[সম্পাদনা কৰক]

Use the following to display a table with the different possible namespace parameters:

{{#invoke:Namespace detect|table|talk=yes}}

To include the parameter for talk namespaces, use |talk=yes.

Porting to different wikis[সম্পাদনা কৰক]

This module is designed to be portable. To use it on a different wiki, all you need to do is to change the values in Module:Namespace detect/config. Instructions are available on that page.

Technical details[সম্পাদনা কৰক]

The module uses a data page at Module:Namespace detect/data. This page is loaded with mw.loadData, which means it is processed once per page rather than once per #invoke. This was done for performance reasons.