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ৱিকিউৎসৰ পৰা
নেভিগেশ্যনলৈ যাওক সন্ধানলৈ যাওক
এই পৃষ্ঠাটোৰ মুদ্ৰণ সংশোধন কৰা হৈছে

Do you see, there is no colour of defeat on their faces. They are so bright! What are you doing? Weeping? No, no, don't weep. There is nothing here to be sad about. These are not the dead men, we are visiting to-day. They are living. They are heroes. These men have fought and have done their duty. To-day they are content. They are proud of what they kave done. They are ever-victorious now. In their lives, they did never hoist the white flag while struggling for their mother-land. They met the situation as it came. They took it as a challenge and fought back. They won! Don't you feel exalted at their achievement? You should rather shine with a smile of pride on your face.

 Now, be quiet and think on these men. At this time we are standing near the ones, that fought a heroic fight and died a heroic death with all its glory. Shall we lower our heads as a token of respect to these heroes? ............ 'We pay our homage to you.'

 Remember these graves. Here you see the fighters of all ranks. They are from different places, of different caste and creed. But these differences have simply dissolved to nothing in their sense of oneness. They fought together with one spirit toward the same end. When they fell, they fell together, and now you see, how happy they are being together.

 Will you not return to-day? It is time to go I think. Did you enjoy the visit? Well, I couldn't tell you much about all this, however, I just brought you here to give you something to think about. Did you see that? Come, let us walk fast. You know, I always admire this place. I came here only once, but could not forget the place. To day, I'm really happy to have been here with you. Isn't it inspiring to think of these heroes and their deeds?

 Just look back once again before we leave this place. Wait! They are speaking to us! Listen. Can you hear?...... For their tomorrow we gave our today.' 'Well, I have brought you here just for this. They have been shouting this for years now. Always the same words. Hundreds of men are travelling by this road daily. I wonder how many of them really care to listen to these words Think on the words. They mean a great deal. Can you see, the words are no babbling of a weak man. They are firm and powerful. They are so free! Coming right from the lips, nay, from the hearts of the heroes. The very tone is that of victory. It